Welcome to the 2014 USTA Conference!!!

Utah Valley Convention Center - Provo, UT

We have worked hard to make sure that there is something for every science teacher at every hour of the conference.  Please make sure that after a breakout session you take the time to fill out a survey.  Every survey you fill out is an entry into our raffle for some great prizes to use in the classroom and on your free time.

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Derek Muller

Science videos!

Derek Muller is a passionate science educator, communicator, and filmmaker. He completed his bachelor’s in Engineering Physics at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada and a PhD in Physics Education Research at the University of Sydney. Derek studied how to design multimedia to teach physics effectively. One of his major findings is that addressing misconceptions first is often essential to engage the audience and promote conceptual change.

He puts this research into practice as a presenter for Catalyst and as director of the science video blog,Veritasium. Derek has published in several international science education journals and presented at numerous education conferences worldwide. He also teaches physics at the high school and university levels.

Derek is also quite the singer! In this video, you can hear him sing a Scientific Version of John Mayer’s “Gravity"